Ferran Cabrer i Vilagut

Expert in Natural Information Spaces for communication, collaboration and innovation.

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Personal information

Surname : Cabrer i Vilagut
First name : Ferran
Address : Jaume Fabra 12, 08004, Barcelona, (Catalonia) ESP
Telephone(s): +34 93 423 82 67 Mobile: (please request) Fax: +34 93 423 34 30
E-mail : Ferran(@) - Ferran.Cabrer(@)
Nationality : Spanish
Date of birth : 1958-03-30
Gender : Male
Employment / Occupational field:

- CEO of MUFICATA s.l. VAT n.: B-61421830 - PIC n.: 969894465
- Executive President of CONSEN EEIG Euro-Group A.E.I.E. G-63665152

Work experience
Dates and Occupation, position held: 2004-2005 Promoter and President
Main activities and responsibilities: Promotion and Direction of diverse European Cooperation Communities and Research Projects (SIGOSSEE, COMIST and TOSSAD)
Name and address of employer:
- CONSEN EEIG Euro-Group A.E.I.E.
G-63665152 Jaume Fabra 12 08004 BCN
Multifinancial Capital s.l.
B-61421830 Jaume Fabra 12 08004 BCN
Type of business or sector: Research, Technological Development and Innovation of the Information Society Technologies at European level in particular in the area of networked cooperative international organizations.
From 10/2002 To 2003 Director of MUFICATA s.l. EU RTD in IST Information Society Technologies, participation in eLearning-info programme contributing in SIGOSSEE project.
From 10/2000 To 10/2002 GECSA Knowledge Management (IST, Learning and KW Management project manager). Participation in EU-FP5 IP MetaCampus elearning market
From 1999 To 10/2000 Getronics: IST project manager and IT Teacher
From 1998 To 1999 Organization GUVER (IST project manager)
From 1996 To 1998 APIP Association NGO of Professional Insertion and Inclusion (Course Content production and administrative projects coordination)
From 1993 To 1996    Multifinancial Capital s.l. (Corporate Finance, M&A and Enterprise management consulting)
From 1991 To 1993    TOP5 s.l. (General Manager, scooter accessories)
From 1987 To 1991    LAINCO s.a. (Agrochemical Research and development Director)
From 1986 To 1987    Generalitat of Catalonia (Technical Assistant of the Tarragona Territorial Delegation of the Agriculture Department)

Education and training
Dates     1981
Title of qualification awarded     Industry Engineer
Name and type of organisation providing education and training High Technical School of Industrial Engineer of Barcelona (UPC, ETSEIB).
Dates     1983
Title of qualification awarded     Agricultural Technical Engineer
Name and type of organisation providing education and training University of Agriculture Technical Engineers of Barcelona (UPC, EUTAB)
Dates     1986
Title of qualification awarded     Agronomist Engineer
Name and type of organisation providing education and training     High School of Agronomist Engineers of Lleida (UPC, ETSEALL).

Personal skills and competences
Mother tongue(s)     Catalan - Castellano

Other language(s)         

European level  Writing Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
English B2    Independent user C1    Proficient user B1    Independent user   B1    Independent user     B1    Independent user
French  C1    Proficient user  C1    Proficient user  C1    Proficient user   C1    Proficient user   C1 Proficient user
Italian B1    Independent user B1    Independent user   B1    Independent user A2    Basic user A2    Basic user

Portugese B1 Independent user B1 Independent user B1 Independent user A2 Basic user A2 Basic userSocial skills and competences Cooperative communities organization and animation

Organisational skills and competences:
Networked technical organization, management and animation though the net (Net-Coaching).
Information Society Technologies expert
Computer skills and competences: Networked and on net expert

Married with Maria Rosa Giralt I Esteve and father of Lluc Cabrer i Giralt (21 years old)
Driving licence(s)     1976 Spanish A1, A2 and B (motorbikes and cars)
Barcelona, 2005-05-10 (revised 2011)
Bank Name:    Caixa d'Enginyers de Catalunya
Street name:    C/ Laietana 39
Postal code:    08001
Town/City:    Barcelona


Short CV of people working directly in the initiative

Ferran Cabrer i Vilagut is the President and Manager of CONSEN Euro-Group and CEO of MUFICATA S.L.

He is an Industrial and Agricultural Engineer by profession with a Master degree in Business Administration. Although he has been involved in different sectors, it is important to point out his work as manager of the Research and Technological Development department of phyto-pharmaceutical products across Spain before the petroleum world crisis. In a personal entrepreneur project he founded MUFICATA as an ICT Enterprises consulting and Corporate Finance firm to provide Enterprises with Information and Technological services in the Barcelona area.

The Internet was the instrument used to convert International services to EU information and project management services. After a couple of years, he founded CONSEN, operating in ICT and ACAIA network. He currently collaborates as Vice-Chairman of the Knowledge@work community integrated in the AmI@work initiative of "New Collaborative Environments" Strategic Objective, and he is also contributing to diverse projects: EURO_COOP ICT_DEV Romanian research project for a sustainable cooperation throughout Europe, member of the European Association of Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA), member of eBusiness Support Network (eBSN), Living-Labs and several more European initiatives and networks in IST as eMobility, ISI, NESSI and NEM technological platforms.

His current work is focused on setting the bases of the future Internet of Sensing Things (IoST) and the Sensing-events detection, representation and processing for the simulation and experimentation of artificial intelligence, computational and mathematical models of robotics systems applied to industrial applications.