Others studies :

1988 - Practice course of the PC for the management and analysis of the information and documentation and data in investigation, for the University of Pharmacy of Barcelona.

1991 - Courses of "Distribution Marketing", "Management of the Quality”; “Accounting I & II”; and “Business Management and Administration”; for the Economist Bar Association of Catatonia.

1986-1999 - Attendance, participation, communication and presentation in some symposiums and congress, about Phyto-pathology, pesticides, automotives, Corporate Finance, Occupation, IST, etc. in divers Spanish cities.

1995 - Course of computing applied to accounting management on ICT.

1999 - Course of integral business management with advanced technical of system and database information in Barcelona.

1999 - Technical course of Internet, protocols, communications, and programming DHTML, C, JAVA, SQL and UNIX .

1999 - Technical course of Applications design and SI Projects Management on UPC Polytechnic University of Barcelona.

2000 - Internal Course about LORTAD, Lay of Security and Personal Dates Protection in GUVER.

2001-2004 Courses Online of Internet, IST technology, e-Learning, standards, etc.