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Ferran Cabrer i Vilagut President and Manager of CONSEN (EEIG) Euro-Group and CEO of MUFICATA S.L. is expert for the evaluation of research projects for the European Executive Agency (REA) of the European Commission. Hes is Industrial Engineer and Agricultural Engineer of profession and Master in Business Administration.
Ferran started working as manager of the Research and Development department of phyto-pharmaceutical manufacturer across Spain.
In a personal challenge when petroleum world crisi and the ecology boom he starts a entrepreneur project based on a new own invent for protection riders of motorbikes. The company micro-manufacturer of motorbikes accessories was fighting with the 90's economic crisis and bigger technological companies.
As result of this closure he opened a Business consulting in Barcelona area for advicing and brokering about economic and financial resources. Internet was used to support the Corporate Finance and Merged and Acquisitions International processes.
When the consulting firms land in and the financial situation was estabilized, Ferran rengineering the process to the Information and Technologic services for enterprise using Internet as instrument, that were finally converted into European information and project management services. Different communities and networks was cretaed before the creation of CONSEN as Open Information and Communication Environment for working at European level. During past four years, net-working, CONSEN (EEIG) has become the first, unique and leader Euro-Group formed by Small companies experts in Information Society and Open-Source Technologies cooperating in Research and Technology Development and Innovation at European Level.


Work experience

Dates and Occupation or position held:

From 9/2016 To current

Research Executive Agency (REA) of European Commission (EC)
Expert for the evaluation of H2020 research projects of SME instrument calls.

From 10/2002 To current

MUFICATA SL (Multifinancial Capital s.l.) B-61421830 Jaume Fabra 12 08004 BCN
Type of business or sector Research, Technological Development and Innovation of the Information Society Technologies at European level in particular in the area of networked cooperative international organizations. (CEO) EU RTD in IST Information Society Technologies, participation in eLearning-info programme contributing in SIGOSSEE, VISiYES projects...

From 10/2004 To 10/2008

CONSEN Euro-Group EEIG. G-63665152 Jaume Fabra 12 08004 BCN (President) EU RTD in IST Information Society Technologies, participation in ICT-FP7 programme contributing in TOSSAD CA, SECURE-FORCE projects.

2004-2005 Promoter and President with diverse activities and responsibilities, as the Promotion and Direction of European Cooperation Communities and Research Projects (SIGOSSEE, COMIST and TOSSAD).

From 10/2000 To 10/2002

GECSA Knowledge Management (Project manager) Diverse projects of banks and corporations Portals, Intranets, Learning and Knowledge Management systems. Participation in EU-FP5 IP MetaCampus elearning market.

From 1999 To 10/2000

Getronics: (European Consultant) Rengineering Information and Communication consultant services, management of diverse portal projects and Information and communication Teacher.

From 1998 To 1999

Organization GUVER SA (Information and communication project manager)

From 1996 To 1998
APIP Association of Professional Insertion and Inclusion (President secretary) Secretariat and Administration of course Content production and administrative projects coordination.

From 1993 To 1996
Multifinancial Capital s.l. (CEO) Corporate Finance, Merge and Acquisitions, and Financial and Enterprise management consulting.

From 1991 To 1993
TOP5 s.l. (CEO) Manufacturing and distribution of own-patented scooter accessories

From 1987 To 1991
LAINCO s.a. (Agrochemical Research and development Director) researvh,m development and Management of a wide catalogue of agricultural and phito-sanitary products at National level.

From 1986 To 1987
Generalitat of Catalonia (Technical Assistant) Supervision of crops and official test of efficiency of phito-pharmaceutical products Crops in Tarragona Territorial Delegation area.

Barcelona, 2005-05-10 (revised 2011)